14 day seller protection

Conner D

Last Update a year ago

We have a scheme that helps sellers remain safe using our site.

Please note, once the 14 day protection is over, the seller will be paid for the gift card. For more information about how and when you will be paid, please see the below related articles.

Sellers are covered if: 

🗸 A buyer makes a false discrepancy claim.

🗸 A gift card is spent after it’s been purchased.

Sellers are not covered if:

You send a gift card with a different value than stated.

X You spend your gift card once it has sold

We decline your Sell2Us order.

Please note, the following terms are not limited to, and may include other policies. Please contact us for more information. It is up to the manager's discretion as to if you are covered or not. 

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