Physical gift cards and e-gift cards

Conner D

Last Update 2 years ago

At Cards2Cash, we accept both physical gift cards and electronic gift cards. 

Physical gift cards

Physical gift cards are plastic or paper vouchers that contain a value. If you are selling us a physical gift card then we request that you keep the gift card until you have been paid as the buyer may request it at any time. If this does happen, you will be credited with the appropriate amount to your account. We do require you to upload a picture of the card to us via the Sell2Us page or email it to [email protected]

e-gift cards

Electronic gift cards are able to be sent via our website. All we require is the redeemable code and any other information that is required to redeem that gift card, such as a pin or issue date. You will need to send the file to us via email to: [email protected] or alternatively upload a picture when using the Sell2Us tool.

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