I've received a call from a number saying they're Cards2Cash, but are they?

Conner D

Last Update a year ago

At Cards2Cash, we don't accept incoming calls. We only accept call back requests that are sent to the email: [email protected]. We will never make outgoing calls without this request. If you have requested a call back or your agent has told you that they will call you back, then it will be from the Cards2Cash mobile number: 07442192658.

Please don't contact us on our mobile number as this is only for call backs or OTPs. We wont be able to help you unless you contact us using the call back service. 

How do I know its you that's calling me?

We understand that sometimes a random call from someone saying they are from Cards2Cash can be concerning. If you are under any doubt that the person is from Cards2Cash, ask them details of your most recent order. We will know this but a impersonator may not. Also ask for the verification code that is sent from our email ([email protected]). If the agent is unable to answer this, then it is highly likely they are not genuine - you should hang up and contact us immediately to get new account details and a new password.

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