14 Day Buyer Protection

Conner D

Last Update a year ago

We have a scheme that helps buyers remain safe using our site.

Buyers are covered if:

🗸 Your card is spent before you receive it.

🗸 You don’t receive your order.

🗸 Your card has a different value than sold.

🗸 The seller spent the gift card after you purchased it.

Buyers are not covered if:

X The card is spent after it’s delivered. (by the buyer)

X Information requested by us is not delivered.

X The gift card becomes invalid when you try to use it, but was valid when Cards2Cash verified it.

X You let the gift card expire.

Please note, the following terms are not limited to, and may include other policies. Please contact us for more information. It is up to the manager's discretion as to if you are covered or not. 

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