I need the physical card for my purchase!

Conner D

Last Update 2 years ago

At Cards2Cash, we always deliver the redeemable code via an email when your payment has been confirmed. If you do require the physical card to make your purchase, e.g. in store, then we require a £1.50 (second class) or £2.00 (first class) payment to post the physical gift card to you.

Every seller is instructed to keep the physical card until they have been paid and if they don't have the card any more, then the buyer will be informed. Please note, you can only request the physical card within 14 days from purchasing the gift card. 

If you have requested the physical card and paid the £1.50 processing fee, the seller will post the gift card to us and then we will post it to you. Please make sure to have the correct address in your account details.

To request the physical card please get in touch with us. 

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