What happens if my Gift Card doesn't arrive?

Conner D

Last Update 2 years ago

Here at Cards2Cash, we ensure that we meet expectations all of the time. And by doing this we expect that your electronic code will also arrive 100% of the time. In the unlikely instance that it does not then please do check your order details, where the code can usually be found. 

If for any reason it is not there and you can still not find your gift card, then please contact customer services who will request some verification on your account and then process the code to be re-sent.

What information will they request?

They will ask you to confirm the registered phone number and email on the account and then ask you to verify the account its-self. If they ask for any further information such as your account password then they may not be from Cards2Cash.

How do I verify the account?

The way we ask for account verification is:

  1. Our agent will send a prompt to your account
  2. There will be a pop-up in the 'my account' section
  3. You press verify

Once you have completed this, it proves that you own the account and the code will be released.

My Physical gift card has not arrived

If your physical gift card has not been delivered within the 2-3 working days, then Royal Mail requests that you wait 10 working days from the date it was delivered. If it still hasn't been delivered then you will receive a refund of the £1.50 and we will discuss what needs to happen to progress further with the case.

The seller will have been paid after the 10th working day so you will have to use the gift card online or sell it back to us.

All the gift cards we send via Royal Mail are using the Signed For service.

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