How can I save EVEN MORE money?

Using bank transfer can save you even more money!

Conner D

Last Update a year ago

All buyers are able to save even more money if they bank transfer Cards2Cash when adding money to their account balance. When a buyer transfers money to Cards2Cash, we will credit 3% extra to their account meaning you get more for your money. 

Please contact Cards2Cash, so we can provide bank details and activate this on your account. Please note, we only offer this service to account holders that have verified their email address. If you have not verified your email address then please contact support to do so. The minimum amount for bank transfer is £5.

How does the process work? Well, when you send us a bank transfer, we will credit the balance to your Cards2Cash account for you to use on purchases, you will then need to checkout as you normally would, but select 'account credit' not 'credit card'

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